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In order to ensure the quality and accuracy of the information appearing in our website, we verify and update all user profiles every three months.  By doing this, we help you avoid wasting your time contacting someone who may have become engaged or married or has decided for some other reason not to pursue a relationship at this time.  We give you the opportunity to meet real, single wo… Read more
I have often been asked, in Norway and Russia too, why I decided to look towards Russia when I wanted to find a girlfriend. There was more than one reason to this but one was prominent. I grew up much like a nerd, interested in history, sciences and books and not so much interested in garment, dancing and idle chit-chat. I have one brother but no sister, and I grew up in a village at that tim… Read more
With a feeling of pleasure about the reason I ask you to delete my profile 651 from your site. All I can do is to be more than thankful for your precious help in my long attempts to find my significant man and I was lucky. He is fantastic, caring, perfect for me. My future looks promising in all senses, above all it promises love and care about our family. It is not possible to over evaluate you… Read more

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